The Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Makes Urban Farming Easy

Trying to garden in the city can feel like an impossible task, especially if you live in an apartment with not much light. However, urban gardening is possible and we even believe it’s the future, as people look to be health conscious and in touch with nature. The Vegepod raised garden bed makes inner-city gardening easy. Here’s how.   


balcony raised garden bed

Image: Vegepod Singapore

Even if you live in an apartment, the Vegepod can be used. Our small Pod fits easily on top of shelves and benches, and it even has its own small stand where you can store space underneath. If you have a balcony, patio or a window that gets sunlight, the small Vegepod is the perfect.


self watering raised garden bed

The Vegepod has a wicking bed design, meaning you can water your plants from below using the Vegepod’s water reservoirs. You can also automate your watering by attaching a hose timer to the Vegepod mist sprays. No longer do you have to worry about killing off your plants, as a time-poor inner-city gardener.  


raised garden bed

Image: @tri_natural 

One of the great things about the Vegepod is, you don’t need to rely on the weather as much as you’d think! The Vegepod wheeled stands mean you can wheel your Vegepod about to catch as much light, rain or wind as possible. You can even simulate artificial light if you don’t get that much sun. One guy in Sweden attached grow lights to the cover of this Vegepod during the winter months and got a lot out of his plants!


pest proof raised garden bed cover

Even in the city, you’re bound to get aphids, gnats and larger wildlife such as cats, raccoons, and birds - all of whom want some of your veggies! The Vegepod’s semi-permeable garden cover is made from a fine mesh commercial crop-cover that keeps the pests, bugs, and animals away - allowing your plants to thrive and for you to truly enjoy your gardening time.

There you have it! The Vegepod raised garden bed can be an urban farm even if you’re living in a high-rise apartment. There are few obstacles the Vegepod raised garden bed can’t face.