Welcome Vegepod Egypt!

Vegepod Egypt Joins the Global Family 

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Egypt, a country famous for its rich history, the Sahara Desert, and of course, the Pyramids, is now the newest addition to Vegepod’s growing global community! Egyptian native, Nehal Wagih, will be the driving force behind this initiative. Nehal is based out of Alexandria and heard about Vegepod through her good friend, Iman, who manages Vegepod Qatar. We sat down with Nehal to get to know her better and discuss her plans to spread the #GrowYourFood movement throughout Egypt. 

Nehal, can you tell us a little bit about your background prior to joining the Vegepod team?  

Over the years, I’ve earned two different degrees (engineering and mathematics), spent 7 years teaching, and more recently moved in a different direction by becoming a certified Life Coach. As a Life Coach, I often encourage my clients to practice self-care, which is right in line with the therapeutic and nutritious benefits of gardening.  

Can you share some insight into Vegepod’s potential for success in this market?  

Egyptian cuisine is made up of lots and lots of vegetables and herbs, with salads regularly present as a staple of each meal. However, many diseases also come from produce [contamination of food/improper handling and washing] and buying organic in this region is very expensive. Vegepod allows Egyptians to have organic, home-grown food after just one investment, eliminating the recurring cost of expensive organic produce. 

You mentioned the importance of vegetables and herbs in Egyptian cuisine. Is this a recent trend or has it always been this way?  

A diet made up of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs used to represent a higher social status, that many could not afford. This has since changed; people are more knowledgeable of nutrition and the many benefits of a healthy diet, shifting this mindset to the standard for all Egyptians, regardless of their status.  

In Egypt, is it more common to garden in backyards or on balconies?  

Backyards are rare in the more populated Egyptian cities; however, almost everyone has a balcony. It is very common to grow vegetables out of several large pots on these balconies, but this method can lead to rot and insects from excess rain, as well as damage from the dust and elements. Vegepod is a great fit for this market, as it protects against all of these issues completely.  

Congratulations and welcome to the team, Nehal!