The Benefits of Our Micro-Climate Garden Cover

All Vegepods come with a micro-climate garden cover built into the raised garden bed. Why? The Vegepod raised garden bed was designed with the beginner in mind, and nothing is more beginner-friendly than a self-contained space for vegetables and plants to thrive. Here’s how the Vegepod garden cover helps you grow beans and leafy greens within two weeks of first planting.

Keeps Pests & Animals Away

snail trying to get into the Vegepod garden cover

The garden cover is made from a commercial-grade crop cover mesh with tiny holes that are permeable to the wind, sun, and rain, but keep out aphids, gnats, and any number of bugs. It also keeps away larger wildlife hazards such as birds, cats, deer, and raccoons.

Allows Wind and Sunshine

vegepod micro climate at work

Like we mentioned earlier - the permeable Vegepod garden cover allows for the wind, sun, and rain to come through. However, the cover also provides a microclimate to help your plants thrive. Using a fine mesh material, the garden cover provides for wind and aeration, but not so much that your topsoil blows off. It also reaches a 17% shade rating (the lowest in the industry), meaning your plants get plenty of sun, but not so much they’ll be damaged by the heat.

A Mist Spray Watering System

vegepod raised garden bed mist sprays in action

Image: @gardening_with_grace

The Vegepod garden cover is unique because attached to it are our misters that provide an ultra fine, gentle spray to plants and seedlings. This, in addition to the wicking bed design and the natural rain the Vegepod receives, makes the Vegepod highly water efficient. If you attach the mist sprays to a hose timer, you can create an automated spraying system. Never worry about watering again.

Hinged Lid for Full Access

hinged vegepod garden cover

Image: A Fresh Legacy

Worried you won’t get to access your plants? Don’t! We supply hinge lid clips that attach the Vegepod garden cover to the bed base. Lift the cover and you have full access to your organic veggies. When you’re not gardening leave the cover on - it helps keep the bugs away.

There you have it! Just some of the major benefits of our Vegepod garden cover. We also have a winter cover that you can slip over the top of the Vegepod, if you’re living in frostier, cooler environments. All of these features help promote an incredible environment for the growth of your plants. No wonder people see results in a matter of weeks!

If you have more questions about our Vegepod garden cover, check out our FAQ page or give us a call. We’re here to help.