From Pod to Plate: Growing Your Dinner With Garden Vegetables

The trend of growing your own organic, locally sourced vegetables is going strong. In fact, we think it's here to stay. An environmentally sustainable and responsible way to consume food, usually finding local, fresh vegetables involves a trip to the farmers market. But what if there was a way to eat organic vegetables sourced from your local backyard? Enter the Vegepod! An easy to assemble raised garden bed that any brown thumb can operate, there's no need to go shopping for fresh, organic vegetables anymore. Just pop out to the garden and take what you need, from pod to plate!

What Is A Vegepod?!

In case you're new to Vegepod, Vegepod's are modular vegetable growing kits, also referred to as raised garden beds. Every Vegepod comes complete with a garden cover that provides protection from the elements, pest and weeds. And all Vegepod's are self-watering - making it easy to grow veggies on the quick. 

Vegepod's come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large

What Kind of Veggies Can You Grow In the Vegepod?

It depends on the size of your Vegepod but if you have a large Vegepod - anything except fruit trees and melons can be grown in the Vegepod. Providing over a foot of soil depth, we recommend for home gardening, growing leafy plants such as spinach, kale, rocket and lettuce. Quick vegetables such as radishes and tomatoes, plus all manner of delicious herbs. Creating nutritious, home-cooked meals has never been easier with this new dimension to add to your cooking. No need to pay for expensive, one-off use herbs and vegetables that go stale in the fridge. Vegepod grows vegetables quickly – a perfect go-to for when you need something green on the side of your plate.

Interested? Browse the Vegepod Shop to find the raised garden bed size that's right for you. Otherwise, have a read of our blog 'How the Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Is Perfect For Inner City Living' for more of an understanding on the urban farming benefits of the Vegepod.