How the Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Is Perfect For Inner City Living

Inner city vegetable gardening can be an overwhelming task at times. Many of us only have the space for a couple of quick herbs and chilis. However, a beautiful outdoor garden patch can be achieved! The Vegepod raised garden bed overcomes all the pain points of an inner city gardener by utilising space, portability, and plant protection easily. Here’s how.


small raised garden beds on balcony

Repost: Wesley Heng

The small Vegepod, particularly, is perfect for space saving and growing veggies on balconies, patios, and porches. Use the Vegepod stand or place the Vegepod on top of a shelf so you maximize the space underneath the bed.


raised garden bed stand

Repost: James Pickering

Need to change your Vegepod’s position? The Vegepod comes with a wheeled stand option for those who need mobility and flexibility from their Pod. This is especially great for renters, the elderly, or anyone who needs to easily follow the sun, wind or rain around on your balcony or small backyard.

Pet Proof + Protection

vegepod garden cover keeps out snails

One of the biggest pain points of an urban gardener is having to deal with protecting your plants from pests and animals such as birds, cats, and raccoons. Not to mention the strong winds that blow over your balcony! The Vegepod deals with all that by using a permeable mesh cover that’s breathable, allowing for soil aeration, light, and a 17% shade rate - all while keeping away the bugs.


vegepod raised garden bed in the rain

Repost: @farmtoyouma

Many urban gardeners are deficient in one area when it comes to gardening - time. The Vegepod helps you save it (and water) by being extremely water efficient. The raised garden bed uses a wicking bed design to water your plants from below. The Pod also has mist sprays that attach to the cover and produce a fine mist for your plants and seedlings. Set a hose timer to those sprays and you never have to worry about water again!

From portability, to plant protection, to space saving, to self-watering - the Vegepod is one of the easiest, low-maintenance garden beds around. If you've got a busy urban life, but still want to reconnect with nature - give the Vegepod a try!