Food growing gift ideas for every gardener Christmas gift guide

Tis the season for gifting, and we want to help you or a loved one get growing these holidays with our ultimate Vegepod Holiday Gift Guide!


For those starting their Vegepod journey

Shopping for a beginner Vegepodder? The Medium Vegepod on Stand is the perfect way to give the gift of food growing. This self-watering raised garden system with high volume misters promotes amazing growth rates, and the mesh canopy protects from harsh weather and pests. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned gardener or a green thumb in the making, the Medium Vegepod is the perfect way to kickstart their homegrown produce journey.


For those who are short on space

The Small Vegepod with added Trolley is the ultimate gardening gift for those with limited space, offering a compact and mobile way to cultivate a thriving veggie garden. This portable, space-saving solution with wheels is perfect for balconies, patios or small yards, providing gardening enthusiasts with the ability to catch the optimal sun even in smaller environments.


For the ambitious gardener

For ambitious gardeners wanting to grow an abundance of fresh produce, the Large Vegepod with Stand is a top choice. With an elevated gardening experience for easy access and 2mx1m growing space, the Large Vegepod can grow up to 60 varieties. Primed Podders with big planting dreams can increase their homegrown produce growing space.

Gift Cards

Christmas is the season of giving, so why not gift your favourite festive folk a gift card? Whether your loved ones are seasoned gardeners or eager beginners, our gift cards are the key to their greenest holiday season yet.


For the garden enthusiast - no matter the size

Help your loved ones dive into the world of homegrown goodness this holiday season with Vegepod's raised garden beds, available in Small (0.5mx1m), Medium (1mx1m) or Large (2m x1m), to suit every budding horticulturist.


For the budding horticulturist who demands freedom to move

Make your Vegepod experience even more versatile by choosing a Stand or Trolley with wheels to complement your Vegepod gift.

For homebodies and herbs at your fingertips

Those looking to level up their indoor gardening game can grow a treasure trove of fresh herbs on their countertop with a Vegepod Kitchen Garden.

Our Top gift ideas all under $100


The Vegebag is a budget-friendly yet thoughtful present that introduces gardening enthusiasts to the joys of cultivating their own produce. With Vegepod's signature self watering reservoir, a compact design and contained mesh casing to protect against pests and weather, the Vegebag also fosters a connection with nature, making it a delightful and meaningful present for the holiday season.

Hand Tools - Pack of 3

Upgrade the gardening game with Vegepod's three-pack of hand tools, the ultimate gift for garden enthusiasts.

Hothouse Cover

Allow your partner propagator to increase harvest capabilities all year round with a genuine greenhouse environment for starter plants. Available in 3 sizes to fit any Vegepod.

Vegepod Garden Snips

Transform your green-thumbed companion’s gardening experience with these stainless steel, lightweight and comfortable precision cutters.