Willkommen Vegepod Germany!

Willkommen Vegepod Germany to Our Global Family!

In January, Vegepod Israel Joined the International Family, now it’s February and we willkommen Vegepod Germany! Smack-bang in the center of the EU, Germany is known for its music, art, beer, history and top-notch engineering (just like Vegepods!). It’s a match made in veggie heaven.

Vegepod Germany is run by Tim Harris, with support from team members Mary, and Marcel, who have all worked for Vegepod in other countries for a few years already. We interviewed Tim and his young, but experienced, team about leading the Grow Your Food movement into Deutschland.

Tim, What drew you to Vegepod?

Upon graduating University, I knew I wanted to explore a career with Vegepod. There's nothing better than working with family and watching a company grow with a product that actually works. 

What were you doing in the U.S before launching Vegepod Germany?

I spent the last few years working for Vegepod North America, primarily in sales. I managed the bulk of trade show organization/staffing as well as management of the retail store network.

Why Germany? How do you think the Grow Your Food movement will take hold over there?

Germany has a long-established culture of gardening, a strong economy, and they host one of the largest garden tradeshows in the world. For these reasons, I think the German market will be extremely receptive to the Grow Your Food movement.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

When I'm not working, you can usually find me being active, going for a swim, or spending time with my partner Mary. I've also always loved traveling and I'm stoked to see more of the world through this next chapter in Germany. 

Thanks Tim and good luck to yourself and your team over in Germany! The Grow Your Food Movement doesn’t stop!