We Won the USA Golden Shovel Award!

We’re extremely proud and happy to announce that we’ve won the USA Golden Shovel Award for Outstanding Garden Product!

The award is given by the Gardening Products Review (GPR), a trusted reviews company that uses third-party reviewers from across the States, and independent Editors to review ‘everything under the sun in gardening’.

For the USA Golden Shovel Awards, GPR selects the five best products covered in the year, looking at criteria such as a products performance innovation, usefulness and assembly and ease of use.

Here’s the Vegepod getting reviewed earlier in 2018 (and getting a five-star rating!).

And here’s the blurb announcing Vegepod as the first of five winners. It was a huge shock to receive the honor as we hadn’t realized we were up for consideration!

award announcement 

This marks our first American award, made all the sweeter by the fact we’ve only had offices in Lake Forrest, California for two years now. The award also marks the fourth year in a row that we’ve received recognition. In 2016 we were granted funding on Shark Tank, in 2017 we won two Australian Business Awards, in 2018 we were guest exhibitors at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and in 2019 we received an Australian Enterprise Award. We couldn’t be more ‘jazzed’ (to use an Americanism) to receive this new piece of international validation.

Thank you again to the Gardening Products Review for awarding us this prestigious US recommendation. If you’d like to check out their review of our award or others check out their site gardeningproductsreview.com.