The Therapeutic Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

The science is officially in! Horticultural therapy is a real way to lift your mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. In fact, tending to a garden has even been shown to reduce physical pain and increase focus - not bad for a very simple hobby!

So this brings to mind the question, how useful is the Vegepod for horticultural therapy? Recently, we teamed up with Joanna Aquilina, founder of Therapeutic Gardens Australia, to find out how the Vegepod raised garden bed stacks up against traditional horticultural therapy techniques. Here were some of her key points about the Vegepod and hort therapy.

Raised to Waist Height & Mobile

wheelchaired man next to raised garden bed

Joanna notes this is a big plus for wheelchair-bound or less mobile. The Vegepod stand raises the garden bed to 21 in, making the top of the bed 31 in. This is perfect for people to reach and touch in a seated position. Joanna also notes the Vegepod’s mobility, “The stand has lockable castors so the garden can be wheeled to the best spot for those with limited mobility to work on their plants.” This is really a necessary feature for less mobile people as the seasons and weather changes.

Little Space Is Needed

vegepod raised garden bed on a balcony

Repost: Tammy Saville

Joanna notes the small Vegepod is compact, making them ideal for balconies, patios and inner-city backyards. This is great for people living in urban environments who may not have access to natural gardening space. Joanna says, “Container gardening is great for modern professionals who would like the opportunity to relax and engage with the natural world, for individuals with limited mobility, or for children with ASD or ADHD who need a break from the stresses of their condition. The possibilities are endless!

Vegepod’s Are Self-Watering

self-watering raised garden bed

Repost: My Green Garden

If you connect the Vegepod’s mist sprays to a hose timer, you never have to physically water the Vegepod again (you just need to change the hose timer occasionally). This is perfect for lots of people including time-poor people and the less mobile. Joanna notes, "Container gardening can be tricky on balconies and in exposed locations on very hot days because they are prone to drying out, but, with this self-water system you can be assured that your plants will have the water they need to survive the summer weather."  

A Pest-Proof Garden Cover

a moth unable to get into vegepod garden cover

Gardening is great because it teaches us a life lesson 'hard work pays off'. But sometimes, if you leave your plants exposed to bugs and wildlife, gardening will teach you another life lesson 'life isn’t fair'. The Vegepod garden cover levels the playing field. The fine mesh keeps out bugs while letting in water, air, and light. Again this makes gardening a pleasurable activity that's low risk and low stress perfect for those looking for a relaxing activity.

Our thanks to Joanna Aquilina from Therapeutic Gardens Australia for reviewing the Vegepod! If you want to see more of her opinions on the Vegepod as a horticultural therapy device, check out a blog she wrote about them here. Otherwise, happy planting!