Spotlight On: The Vegepod Owners Facebook Page!

Have you heard? There's a Vegepod Owners Facebook group that not even Vegepod is a part of! It's an amazing community that's made up of Vegepod Owners that has sprung up completely organically. (Unless it’s an employee’s personal account and they are joining in on the fun!) There, they talk about gardening tips, show off homegrown veggies and discuss all things Vegepod! 

It's a 'corporate free' group because we don't want to disturb the amazing vibe of the community of growers helping each other out - but if you have a Vegepod you should definitely have a look! There's input from Podder's all over the world with advice for different climates, applications, and successes. Here are just a few of our favourites!

Possum Magic - Safni Jeffrey, Queensland, Australia 

possum with raised garden bed

We love this post because it shows off the Vegepod's pest proof design. Not a possum, rat, caterpillar or racoon can get in the Pod while the garden cover is down.

Article Sharing - Steve Symonds, Queensland, Australia 


This is just one of the many useful articles that group members are reposting on the feed. Although we try and cover common garden topics and FAQs in the blog, the group feed is a great place to get information on niche topics we haven't yet thought of.

International Advice - Jen Carr, Canada 


In case you are wondering if it's Australia-only, not at all! There are Vegepod Owners from all different countries providing updates and planting tips from different parts and climates. 

Cute Snaps! - Eileen Debenham, Massachusetts, USA

There are lots of 'pride' moments in the owner's feed, where owners are catching up and rightfully showing off the literal fruits of their labour!

Tips and Tricks - Paul Kaaczorek, Sydney, Austraila

vegepod raised garden bed

Vegepod owners sharing inventive ways to modify and/or set up the Vegepod. This one was in response to extreme winds going throughout NSW at the time.

Have you had a chance to check out the page yet? Check it out and join! The page has just hit over 2,000 members and we couldn't be more proud. We’re excited to see where the Vegepod Owners community goes in future. As always, happy planting!