Product Improvements: A Year In Review

Another year has gone by! We at the Vegepod team cannot believe it. Is it just us or are the years going by faster and faster somehow??

Anyway, this month we're doing another look-back at some of the product improvements we've made to the Vegepod throughout the prior year. Continual improvement is a critical part of our culture, so much so that we did a similar blog back in 2017. You may be surprised at just how much time, effort and money goes into even the smallest of changes. We won’t bore you with all that detail but a lot of you guys liked the 2017 blog and it also generated plenty more suggestions that we could study. So let's see what changes 2019 brought and if we can improve even further. 

1. Reinforced the Corners of the Optional Hothouse Covers

This improvement came after we got reports that extremely cold weather could cause tearing at the stitching of the corners.  

vegepod in the snow

So glad I don’t have to dismantle and stow my Vegepod away during winter like my other raised beds ❄️” ~ Malorie, Toronto, Canada

2. Increased the Strength & UV Stabiliser In Vegecover Connectors

In some areas podders reported the canopy connectors suffering deterioration at the two to three year marks. Despite being beyond our warranty periods we decided to improve the canopy connector strength and durability. We have also begun to sell such parts separately as “replacement items” on our webshop.

Vegepod connectors

3. Upgraded the Stainless Steel of Stand Bolts

In some particiularly wet and salty areas there were reports of some oxidisation (ie: slight rust discolouration, albeit not degradation) so we upgraded from Grade 204 to a superior Grade 304 stainless.

vegepod stand bolts

4. Upgraded The Silicon Joiner Strips

We upgraded the material of the food-safe joiner strips to prevent any breakdown beyond ten years.

silicon joiner strips

6. Added A Shade Cover Addition

Particularly relevant with all the heat we've been having around the globe! A lot of you have reported you love for our Shade Covers as they've saved your plants from baking in extreme conditions. 

vegepod shade cover

“No scorch marks on the capsicums this summer, thanks to my Vegepod and additional shade cover 👍🏼😊” ~ Melissa Jones, Vegepod Owners Facebook Page

7. Assembly Videos

We added assembly videos to our website to accompany the written instructions. We're particularly proud of this one. We've seen a 1000% improvement for at-home construction as a result.

assembly videos
That's all the changes we made for 2019! What improvements should be made in 2020? Please let us know if there are any improvements that you think could help the design and integrity of the Vegepod. We really appreciate and value the feedback.