Get Home Grown Vegetables In 3 Weeks!

Want to know how well Vegepod raised garden beds really work? Over the years we’ve compiled some ‘action’ shots sent from happy Podders who want to show off their Vegepod vegetables growing 'gangbusters' (as we say in Oz).

Here are some of our most impressive Pods! See veggies growing in as little as two weeks! 

Vegepod raised garden bed at week 1 and week 3

This photo comes from Kara-Leigh James in Brisbane, Queensland.  

“I am so super excited at growing my own veggies without the possums getting to it. This is just three weeks!! I am totally amazed at the growth...I planted basil, carrots, beetroot, mixed lettuce, onions, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, oregano, mint and parsley!

raised garden bed growing

Repost: @relish Adelaide, South Australia

“Day 14 of the vegepod and despite very high temperatures here in Adelaide all week, everything is growing well. Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cos Lettuce, Strawberries, Oregano, Chives and Radishes. If you look at the bottom right, you can see some radishes peeking above the soil!”

large Vegepod raised garden bed after 5 weeks

Repost @roystonroad from Brisbane, Queensland

"Went away for a couple of weeks and the Vegepod went crazy. This is 5 weeks growth!!! ...Bonaparte beans, beetroot, bok choi, carrots, cabbage, parsley and harvested tasty spinach today!"

raised garden bed after four weeks

Repost: from Lisa Lowe in Auckland, New Zealand

“Check my progress shots. Not bad for 3 weeks in New Zealand winter!”


vegepod garden kit

Repost: Annmarie from Perth, Western Australia

"Hello Vegepod, These are two shots of our garden. The first is the day they were planted. The second is 4 weeks later in the cold and very little sun. Very pleased. Kind regards, Annmarie."

Thanks to all our supporters who submitted 'before and after' photos! Keep sending them in - we love to see how all different vegetables grow fast and efficiently with a little TLC.