A Weed-Proof & Pest-Proof Raised Garden Bed?! It's Possible...

Spring has sprung here at Vegepod USA and while the warmer weather is welcome, with it comes more wildlife and weeds to defend against! At Vegepod, we stand by our claim that, as long as you leave the cover down, the Vegepod is 100% weed & pest-free. Don’t believe us? Here’s our proof.

Fine Mesh Cover

Pest Proof Vegepod Cover

The Vegepod Cover is made from fine polyethylene knitted mesh that protects crops from UV, weeds and bugs. Except aphids, (which are the size of a pinhead) the mesh keeps away all moths, caterpillars, and grasshoppers looking for a snack. Not to mention larger wildlife such as raccoons, cats, rats are kept at bay.

Cover Clamps

Vegepod garden cover photo

Image: @brendanoconnor454

To prevent the cover from blowing off each time there’s a gust of wind, we’ve perfected our plastic cover clamps. These clamps secure the Vegepod garden cover, keeping the lid down while you’re not using the Pod. This also helps prevent any insects from hopping inside or dandelions from floating in.

Container Base

vegepod's plastic container base

A lot of people don’t like container garden beds noting the plastic is not ‘natural’ compared to timber beds. However, we make the case that the Vegepod recyclable container-base not only keeps your soil 100% pest & weed free, it also keeps your soil free of nasty trace chemicals. This all helps to ensure your veggies 100% food safe and your gardening efforts don’t go wasted.

Plant Protection

close up shot of raised garden bed

The garden cover + container base = a fully contained, micro-environment, where the only organic matter allowed, is what you’ve introduced yourself.

Extra Tips For Protecting Against Pests

  1. Always buy good quality garden soil from your local and check that there are no micro eggs or bugs to be found. Same for any punnets and plants you buy from the nursery. Check the undersides of leaves particularly!
  2. Keep the cover down when not using the Pod.
  3. Unfortunately, the Vegepod is not ant proof (is anything really?) We tend to think that’s okay as ants generally help keep the soil’s organic matter and are harmless. But, if you really can’t stand them, rub some Borax along edges of the base and cover to deter them. Just be sure to wash your plants extra well.

For more information about Vegepod’s pest & weed proof structure see our FAQ page. Otherwise, give us a call for any questions not answered on the site. Happy gardening!